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Defiance Arkfall Codes Explained

Defiance Arkfall Entry Screen
Remember the mysterious codes at the end of the Defiance trailer? Trion Worlds have finally announced what they are – a series of “Arkfall” codes that allow you to unlock rewards through the website: inventory slots, unique in-game titles, extra skills, and if you collect enough codes, early access to the TMW HANNIBAL 650R – whatever that may be.

The community has pulled together on this and produced a spreadsheet of all the codes found so far. You can find it here: Google Spreadsheet of Defiance Arkfall Codes. At the time of writing, it holds 19 codes. At least one member of the Defiance forums is claiming to have reached Level 7, requiring 28 codes so there must be more out there. The ones found so far have been in trailers, on Defiance advertisements and takeovers around the web and on associated websites like Von Bach Industries.

If you do find any new codes, redeem them here and be sure to post them in the spreadsheet. Share and enjoy!

The Defiance game will be released in April. It’s available for preorder now on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, with the Ultimate edition exclusively sold by Amazon. Check the Defiance website for details on the different editions available.

Here’s the American trailer for the TV. Note that the UK broadcast date hasn’t yet been confirmed.