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ZombiU Comic Complete

The Wii U is finally out on the UK today and with it, Ubisoft’s survival horror game ZombiU.

Every day for the past two weeks, Ubisoft have also been publishing an online comic written by graphic novelist Antony Johnston (Wasteland) and ZombiU lead story designer Gabrielle Shrager. ZombiU: Z-14 tells the story of the first 14 days after the zombocalypse. The full story is now complete.

There’s also a code hidden somewhere within the comic that will net you a set of tickets to a live-action zombie hunting game run by Zed Events. Zed Events are the crew who did the stunning make-up and training for the live RE6 trailer I was in during October. From what I’ve heard, their zombie experiences are incredible.

You can read the full ZombiU comic here and remember: The ravens hold the truth.

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