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Zombie Experiences with Resi Evil 6

The marketing and PR team behind Resident Evil 6 have been up to all sorts of shenanigans in preparation for yesterday’s launch. Lucky for us, we were invited along to a number of their zombie experiences.

The Sciencey Bit

Last weekend was a set of lectures on the science that could affect a zombie outbreak. Prof. John Oxford talked about how the C-virus could spread and whether it was really that far fetched. He gave real-life examples of zombifying parasites like the Gordian Worm which forces infected crickets to drown themselves so it can reproduce, and the Dicrocoelium dendriticum which leaves infected ants to go about their normal business during the day makes them climb up grass to be eaten by animals at night. Horrifying stuff.

Food Futurologist Morgaine Gaye discussed future trends in meat consumption. If animals all around the world become infected, where do we turn? According to Wesker & Son’s butchers, we’ll start eating each other. Capcom even went so far as to put on an actual butcher’s shop in Smithfield Meat Market selling “human parts”.

Capcom have also been getting the community involved. They shipped a few of us up to Reading to take part in a live action zombie short film. The trailer was released yesterday:

Look closely and you’ll catch me at the 1:02 mark. Look very closely and you won’t recognise Duncan at the 0:05 mark at all, but he’s the scientist with the rubber gloves. If I saw that coming towards me I’d rise up and fight back too.

How to Zombie

Before we were dressed up as zombies, they put us through zombie school. Key points to remember:

  1. The modern zombie goes for a fast shuffle. Think Walking Dead zombies – halfway between 28 Days Later and classic Romero undead.
  2. Look angry. You really want those brains and those damned humans keep running away.
  3. Not every zombie has a broken leg. Check what the zombies around you are doing.
  4. Keep your back and shoulders loose but don’t slouch too much. If your body feels like it wants to tip one way as you move, just relax and let it go.
  5. If your teeth are on show, make sure they’re covered in blood. Pearly whites simply won’t do for the discerning zombie today.

On that last point – I’d always read that fake blood used in film was actually a kind of sugar syrup that tastes pretty good. Do not believe the lies. It tastes like rotting beets. There was one with a hint of mint and the bucket of blood they threw at us was allegedly make with golden syrup. Nope, it all tasted like beets. Veggie-loving zombies have the advantage here.

Once we knew what we were doing, it was time for make-up. First the base layer – dark eye sockets and lots of shadow.

Then the facial deformities. Lumps, bumps and latex drizzle:

Then the gore. Liban Ali of We Know Gamers adds bit of eye-rolling for extra repulsiveness:

And me:

And finally, lots of sitting around waiting to be told what to do. True Gits (of Gangnam Zombie video fame) showed what it’s really like behind the scenes.

Resident Evil 6 is out now for Xbox 360, PS3 (and only a couple of quid more for the Steel Book editions.)