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UnoTelly DNS – Get US Netflix. Or Brazil. Or Mexico.

I often see people complaining that the range of TV shows and films on UK Netflix isn’t worth the subscription. Unotelly offers a way to watch US Netflix and other geographically-limited services from the comfort of your European home. It’s all perfectly legal and aboveboard – you won’t be breaching any terms and conditions of your Netflix account, nor will you have to sign up and pay for another account with them.

What Unotelly does is reroute your console and other device data through its servers so that you appear to be coming from the US (or Brazil, or the UK). It’s not a VPN and, according to their FAQ, only the data relating to the media services they support is routed through their servers.

“Any data that’s not directly related to the media content providers Unotelly supports is not only left untouched, it’s not even routed through Unotelly; instead they are forwarded to Google DNS (”
UnoTelly Customer Services

The list of services they do support is impressive. NFL Gamepass, Disney, ESPN, Bloomberg, Adult Swim, CBBC, BBC iPlayer, Animal Planet and more. You’ll have to maintain a separate account with each channel provider as well as pay your UnoTelly subscription but they cover almost every film and video streaming app that’s been announced on consoles. You can use it on your PC and iOS device as well – all you need to change is make a small change to your DNS settings. Other devices on your network will continue to work as usual.

There are other services that offer similar solutions, of course. Unblock Us is another DNS redirect service that was recommended by a few people I know. VPN services like IP Vanish and Hide My Ass will let you access US apps and more but I’ve not tried any of these myself.

The system is very easy to set up, with detailed guides available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. You’ll need to maintain an Xbox account registered to the US to download apps so just be wary that the costs could mount up if your preferred service requires Xbox Gold.

UnoTelly offers two plans: UnoDNS Premium for $3.99 per month and UnoDNS Gold for $4.99. That extra dollar per month gets you a VPN that can be used to access your apps while travelling. Both plans include the UnoTelly Dynamo service, which allows you to switch between Netflix US, Ireland, Canada, UK, Brazil and Panama through a menu on the website. It’s awkward to find (direct link for customers here) but it does work.

I’ve been testing the service on my PC and Xbox 360. Netflix works very consistently. I’m still getting hi-def streaming even over my crappy 3.5Mb line and I can continue to access the UK catalogue from the PS3 that uses our local DNS settings. Xfinity, however, had trouble contacting its licencing servers and Hulu Plus just flat-out refused to recognise me as a US visitor. It works well for me but I would suggest you go for the free 8-day trial before purchasing.