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Mass Effect 3 with Kinect – Tested

The Mass Effect 3 demo is available on Xbox Live Arcade from today. Time to trial saving the universe. Those of you who have a Battlefield 3 online pass can try out the multiplayer mode from today. Everyone else has the single-player campaign today and the multiplayer from Friday.

I played an early version of co-op multiplayer last year and it’s hard as freaking NAILS with the wrong team. Back in my Syndicate preview, I said that running and gunning normal difficulty will get you through. Running and gunning through Mass Effect 3’s co-op will get you dead. You need to work with your team and you need to do it quickly or you’ll barely make it past wave 3… of 10.

Multiplayer aside, the demo also features the Kinect functionality. Now, even though I was enthusiastic about the voice control coming for Binary Domain, the options for this game are more restricted – read the on-screen dialogue or call out the name of a power. Nick and I tested this in the heat of battle to see if Mass Effect really is “better with Kinect”.

No. No, it’s not.

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