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New WoW Study from The Daedalus Project

Remember The Daedalus Project, Nick Yee’s research into the psychology of MMO players? There’s a new study underway for World of Warcraft players. The PlayOn group at Palo Alto Research Center are looking into how in-game behaviour can be used as a predictor for real-world characteristics like gender or age.

“Have you ever wondered if playing a gnome in World of Warcraft says something about a player’s personality? Is it really the case that women prefer to play healers? And how similar or different are US and EU players? We are social scientists at the Palo Alto Research Centers and we too have often wondered about these questions. And that’s what this study is about.”

If you do play WoW and have 15 minutes to spare for a survey, pop on over to the World of Warcraft study page and sign up.