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World Of Tanks – Camouflage Your Tanks have announced that the World of Tanks update 7.0 will bring the much anticipated camouflage system to the game. Players will be able to use the different camouflage options to hide their tank on the battlefield. There are a range of skins available for use depending on the terrain.

See if you can spot the camouflaged tanks in these screenshots?

World Of Tanks - Hidden In The Grassonline casino /> World Of Tanks - I'm A Bush World Of Tanks - Snowman World Of Tanks - I'm A Tree

Additional Update 7.0 features:

  • Two new maps – Fjords and Swamp
  • Clam emblems on tanks
  • New tank – Special model SU-85 (I) for special World of Tanks events
  • Clan wars – Fog of war (teams cannot see each other”s rosters)

Update 7.0 will be available soon.

World of Tanks is free to play and available now on PC. Download client software from the World of Tanks website