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News Round-up: ME3, Films on Xbox, BlazBlue at MCM and COD Trailer

News! News!

Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer has been confirmed! According to a website announcement Casey Hudson confirmed this to an Australian print magazine. The BioWare twitter account confirmed yesterday that multiplayer will indeed be present and the official announcement turned up today on the BioWare website.

  • It’s called Galaxy at War and is 4-player co-op
  • You will fight to take control of key conflict zones in the galaxy
  • Succeeding in multiplayer will have an effect on the single-player campaign
  • Rather than playing as Shepard, you will create custom characters – Turians, Krogans, Asari and more

Get all the info from the BioWare Forums multiplayer announcement.

Xbox Dashboard Update: I know, I know. it’s a bit of a dull topic but this one’s a biggie. Some time in late November, Xbox Live will bring a whole crapload of TV and film streaming services to your console. Most of them will require some sort of subscription or purchase while others will also require Xbox Gold. iPlayer and 4 On Demand will both be coming as well and presumably remain free. Check out the details on but be warned – a lot of those services are US-only. UK gamers will get Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC, Sky, LOVEFiLM, MSN, YouTube, Blinkbox, Sky and Muzu as well as some other services but we’ve no real details on pricing yet :\

Forza Motorsport 4: Our friends over at are giving away 3 copies of Forza Motorsport 4 – Limited Collector’s Edition. To be in with a change of winning answer the simple quesion on their Forza 4 competition page. The closing date for entries is the 18th Oct 2011. Good luck.

London MCM Expo: Another game has been announced for MCM – Blaz Blue Continuum Shift 2. Company PQube will also be hosting an Arcana Heart 3 tournament on Saturday 29th Oct and a Blaz Blue Continuum Shift tournament on Sunday 30th Oct. Tickets for the Expo are still available online.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Soldiers! Landmarks! Explosions! It’s another CoD trailer :)