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Microsoft Flight – Transporting Scared Passengers Through Bad Weather At Night

MSFlight_LogoMicrosoft Flight is the latest in a long line of flight simulators from the Redmond giant, the last of which was released way back in 2006. Today, the Microsoft Flight team have revealed more information about the type of missions that will be available in the game.

Missions in Microsoft Flight are designed to guide the player through the game objectives, from simple tasks like flying to a waypoint to performing challenging aerobatic routines to transporting scared passengers through bad weather at night.

The Flight team have also said that “players can fly “story-based” missions such as finding a missing person or playing a key role in an event. Another way to play is flying jobs such as carrying cargo or passengers from one location to another using piloting skills and knowledge to get them to the destination safely.”

If that all sounds like too much work then you can always “choose to fly freely without guidance in order to simply enjoy the beauty of the world, fiddle with the knobs and switches in the cockpit, or put an aircraft through its paces” say the Flight team.

According to the development team Microsoft Flight has also been “designed for a wide range of players, not just a typical simulation enthusiast” and like modern console and PC titles the game will also use “awards, achievements, and experience points to “reward” players that accomplish something in the game.”

Source: Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight will be released sometime in 2012.