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Brink – Watching These Videos May Save Your Life (In-game)

Brink_LogoSplash Damage have released a “Get SMART” series of videos so you’ll be raring to go when Brink is released next month. Although watching these videos is like reading an instruction manual at work to the shiny bit of technical kit that’s just arrived in your house. You’ll know exactly how to set everything up and use it, you just can’t!

The Basics:

The first training video covers the basic structure of the game, the XP system, weapon/skills unlocking and the different player classes. After watching this video you should – theoretically – be less of a walking target in the game.


In this second video you get to lean how the objective wheel, destruction, construction and repair, hack, escort, guarding and carry objectives all work. And just for good measure you get a bit of a briefing on command posts and machine gun nests, which is nice ;-)

General Gameplay:

This video covers Brink’s SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) system which takes all the hassle out of traversing the awkward terrain within each level. The workings of the player health, basic combat, deployables (eg. mines, sentry guns) and buffs system are also covered.

Heads-up Display:

Here’s a quick whizz around Brink’s fairly self-explanatory heads-up display. Simple and clear, just as HUDs should be. No clutter.


In Brink your choice of class isn’t permanent, it’s temporary. You can change it at any of the friendly command posts dotted around each of the levels. Nice.

The Battlefield:

In this final video, you learn about the 2 types of command posts, turrets, mines and how to spot a disguised Operative. Also at 1:33 there’s a really crappy typing animation on show. The characters aren’t even close to the command post’s keyboard! That’s really poor Splash Damage.

Ok, that’s your lot. If you’ve watched all these videos you are pretty well prepared for Brink’s imminent arrival. I’m particularly looking forward to finally playing it as I missed out at the last Eurogamer Expo because of its hideous popularity ;-) I’m hoping that popularity = top quality in this case.

Update 4th May 2011: Added HUD video tutorial
Update 5th May 2011: Added Classes and The Battlefield video tutorials

Brink is released on the 13th May 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.