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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Taral V Flashpoint Trailer

SWTOR_LogoSmallBioware have released this latest clip from one of the flashpoints from Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). In a nutshell, flashpoints are story driven missions where your choices make a difference to the enemies you fight and the outcome of the flashpoint. You can also repeat flashpoints as often as you wish and they contain some of the best rewards in the galaxy, at least according to the SWTOR website. The following clip is from the Taral V flashpoint:

Whilst the environments in this clip look interesting, I’ll need to see a bit more of how the combat works before I begin to get excited about this game, as it doesn’t look great in this clip. All the enemies are very static, especially the giant robot/droid. I know KOTOR was awesome, with Weefz being a huge fan of that game. But, to steal a famous quote from Star Wars, do people have a “bad feeling about this” game. Is it just too big an ask for Bioware to produce a really good Star Wars MMO?

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released on the PC sometime in the future.