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Global Agenda Christmas Drops from Today

Online multiplayer Global Agenda have kicked off their Christmas celebrations today with the 12 Drops of Christmas. Win enough matches and you’ll get a lovely Christmassy hat for your avatar. Here’s the list of festive hats (sorry, “head flair”) available over the next two weeks:

16th – 17th Dec: Cold Turkey
18th – 19th Dec: Garland
20th – 21st Dec: Christmas Lights
22nd – 23rd Dec: Reindeer (complete with glowing nose :)
24th – 26th Dec: Santa Hat
27th – 28th Dec: Cooked Goose
29th – 30th Dec: Candy Cane (the angriest candy I have ever seen)
31st – 1st Jan: New Year’s Hat
2nd – 3rd Jan: Nutcracker
4th – 5th Jan: Crusty the Snowman
6th – 7th Jan: Robotic Chicken
8th – 9th Jan: Gingerbread Head

And if you collect all 12 you’ll unlock an abominable snowman mask. Grrr!

First drop is available today and tomorrow. For the cold turkey you’ll have to win 5 breach missions. The rest are secret for now. Visit Global Agenda’s 12 Drops of Christmas page to find out how to unlock the other Christmas hats but be prepared for obnoxious Christmas music.