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Alien Swarm – Free game from Valve

On Monday 19th July 2010, Valve Software releases its latest game. No, it’s not Portal 2 or Half Life: Episode 3, instead it’s a great looking top down shooter called Alien Swarm. If you take a look at the Alien Swarm screenshots it looks a lot like the brilliant Alien Breed on the Amiga (with better graphics obviously) and the more recent Alien Breed Evolution.

Oh, and this game is free. Yep, totally free.

Alien Swarm features 4 player co-op, 40 different weapons and equipment, tile-based map editing tool and the complete game code and mod tools! Since the people who made this game were hired by Valve from the mod community (they made the Alien Swarm mod on Unreal Tournament 2004), it is nice to see that you will be able to build your own Alien Swarm mods. Hey, you never know, Valve might notice and hire you!





Update 19th July 2010: Alien Swarm is available now. It’s just under 2gb in size.