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R-Type Dimensions – Available on the 4th Feb 09

RTypeDimensions-LogoKrellR-Type is back. Well R-Type I and II are back with added 3D shenanagens. From tomorrow all you lucky Xbox 360 owners with 1200 MS points to burn will be able to play the classic R-Type games.

So what do you get for your MS points:

  • R-Type I and II
  • Classic game mode – Yay. Play them just how IREM designed them to be
  • 3D and 2D graphics – You can flip between the 2 modes on demand
  • Single or co-op play – For the first time ever, play R-Type with a friend!
  • Infinite game mode – Claims to assure game completion regardless of how useless you are
  • Statistics tracking – Track your vital stats (i.e. see how many times you died – probably)
  • 2 gamer pictures – Available to all, no skill necessary (according to the press release)

Time for some nice screenshots:



R-Type Dimensions will be available on the 4th Feb 09 for 1200 MS Points on XBLA only for the Xbox 360