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Wipeout HD – Available 25th Sep 08

Wipeout HD finally sees the light of day tomorrow when it will be available for download from the Playstation Store (NOTE: there won’t be a Blu-ray version). It costs £11.99 in the UK and $19.99 in the US. Here’s a feature list:

  • 1080p (full HD) visuals at 60fps
  • 5 Game Modes – Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap and Zone Mode
  • 8 reversible tracks and 12 teams
  • Online play (up to 8 people in a race)
  • 2-player split screen (horizontally and vertically) offline
  • Optional use of SIXAXIS motion controls for steering you lovely little craft

The 8 tracks consist of 6 from Wipeout Pure and 2 from Wipeout Pulse so don’t expect any new tracks. Thankfully the SIXAXIS motion controls are optional as SIXAXIS is, well, just rubbish.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to play this till the weekend as I’m currently TV-less, and have been some a few weeks now. My new, super- dupa full HD, 46 inch monster doesn’t arrive till Sunday. Boo.