The Average Gamer Xbox Live Friends List and other apps

1337pwnlogoThe guys (and girls) at have been beavering away writing some great little applications and widgets for PC, Mac, browsers and the iPhone. As their tagline on their website says – don’t pwn alone!

At the moment the following Widgets and applications are available.

  • Xbox Live Friends List:
  • This is the application that I’ve currently got installed on my iPhone. It’s a nice little application. It is very similar to the Vista Xbox Live Friends Widget but shows a lot more information. You get a breakdown of the last 15 games and their achievements for these games. Nice. Also available for IE, Firefox, MacOS, Blackberry and Palm OS.


  • Warhawk Leaderboard:
  • It does exactly what it says on the tin description. Yep, it shows the Warhawk leaderboard. Simple, clean interface, err, yeah, that’s it.


  • Halo 3 recent games:
  • Not tested this as I don’t have a Mac and I don’t particularly like Halo 3. But given the high standard of all the other apps, I’m sure it will be useful, just not to me.

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