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Mass Effect – Downloadable Content In March 08

Mass Effect LogoBioware have announced that the first Mass Effect content pack called “Bring Down The Sky” will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace at 7am on the 10th March 2008. It will cost 400 Microsoft points.

So what do you get for your points:

  • ~90mins of game play
  • 1 new achievement (worth 50 gamerpoints)
  • 1 new uncharted world
  • 1 new alien race – The Batarians
  • Millions of innocent citizens to save

However, in order to access this new content (planet) Commander Shepherd must be in command of the Normandy spaceship. For this you will need a save game either a couple of hours from the start (or end) of the game. I know Weefz usually has about a bazillion different saves on every game she plays (if the game allows it), so she’ll be fine. I expect that future content packs will also have the same prerequisite; a (working) spaceship.

Look out for Weefz’s forthcoming review of Mass Effect.