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Anyone who’s checked out Lionhead’s The Movies Online will know that there are gamers out there making some brilliant movies with the game. Mine is not one of them. It’s special in its own way though, right? Right??

DaimlerChrysler, Activision and Lionhead have now announced that they will be holding a Virtual Film Competition, to be officially launched at near the Sundance Film Festival this week.

Since Chrysler is sponsoring it, naturally they want some extra publicity so submitted films need to feature any of their vehicles which are in the game. The winner gets a Chrysler Crossfire and the top ten films will be screened at this year’s E3.

Other criteria:

  1. Must feature any of the in-game Chrysler vehicles – the Pacifica, the Crossfire, the Chrysler 300 and the PT Cruiser
  2. Must be two to three minutes long
  3. Submit to between January 20th and April 20th 2006
  4. That’s it.

So get creating, people!

Found via the Guardian Gamesblog (sorta)


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