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Fahrenheit Review (PC)

Age Rating: 15 (BBFC)

What is it?

A supernatural mystery adventure game with a strange interface that forces you to work hard when your character does and use your reactions when your character uses his.

Is it fun?


Is it worth the money? £17.99



The plot is intriguing (although the ending gets very weird) and the visuals are just beautiful! The whole game feels very cinematic and still screenshots don’t really do it justice. It also really makes you feel like your choices make a difference to the plot.

The interface is strange and takes some getting used to but it does help the developers’ aim of getting you to feel what your character does – e.g. a bit knackered from fighting with someone. I’m just not sure that’s what I really want from a game. I hear some people can’t stand the plot, but I found the story engaging enough to battle through. The unusual interface does kind of get in the way sometimes and it completely breaks up the cinematic flow – I totally missed some of the really intensive scenes as I was too busy trying to bash the right keys on the keyboard, but once you finish them in the story you can go off and watch them in the bonus section. Be warned, sometimes it says Get Ready, but doesn’t tell you what to get ready for! Usually it means a reaction segment, as shown in the Lucas screenshot below. I also like the fact that you weren’t hammered by the multi-racial relationships, unlike so many other media that insist on making race into an issue.

It’s has some design issues – in dialogue options you just get a topic header like “Markus” but you have no idea or control over whether your character is going to say something good or bad ro ask a question about Markus – but Fahrenheit is still the most enjoyable plot-driven game I’ve played in a very long time! However… it has its flaws. If you want to know what I thought of the ending, look here for major spoilers!

Also available on Xbox and PS2.


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