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Burnout Legends Review (PSP)

Burnout Legends BoxAge rating: 3+

What is it?

A driving game

Is it fun?

Yes, apart from the music (which is terrible)

Is it worth the money? £29.99



Worth the cash just for the crash mode, in which you have to cause as much carnage as possible (in terms of monetary cost, dollars in this case) in exchange for medals. There are 100 different crash scenarios ranging from driving into on-coming motorway traffic to jumping into a convoy of tankers. Burn baby, burn. Fantastic, hours and hours of fun.

The rest of the game concerns itself with driving fast and driving dangerously and it achieves this with some verve. Driving on the wrong side of the road, performing outrageous power slides and smashing your opponents cars into the barriers are all rewarded with precious boost for your car allowing you to drive faster. Nice! The feeling of speed is really quite fantastic in this game.

The bad bits. The awful rock soundtrack (just turn it off as soon as possible!), iffy car/scenery collision detection, slow loading times and the way the AI cars can occasionally drive though some on-coming traffic totally unscathed.

This verson of Burnout (essentially the best bits of Burnout 1, 2 and 3) is much, much better than the bloated, over stylised Burnout Revenge (PS2 and XBOX) which seems to exhibit the impact of Burnout`s developer – Criterion – being bought by EA.

Firmware version: 1.52 or greater (i.e. all UK PSPs, as these shipped with firmware 2.0)


Burnout Legends – Official site (US)

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