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Nintendogs DS UK shortage

3 cute Nintendogs They are ridiculously cute but if you were thinking of buying the £99.99 Nintendogs DS bundle for your girlfriend/cousin/mum for Christmas (like loads of my gamer friends were) it’s getting really hard to find these days and there’s no word from Nintendo as to whether or not they’ll be restocking stores before Christmas, but it doesn’t look good. Nintendogs by itself is sold out of most online retailers as well. MCV has quoted Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton’s comment on Nintendo’s Christmas plans as “We have enough stock to meet demand”, “If someone wants to place an order for a Nintendo DS we can ship it.” and “That was the plan anyway, that we’d move from Nintendogs to the Mario Kart bundle.” Mario Kart isn’t quite the same target market though, is it?

You can still find the bundles in GAME stores as long as you don’t mind buying them with other games bundled in there. Today the bundles by themselves are going for around £150 on eBay, so if you see them in your local store there could be a nice little money-spinner there…

I got mine for my birthday over the weekend, thanks to a lovely and determined puppy-hunting boyfriend :) Review of Bobo the cute brown toy poodle coming tomorrow!

Update 8:40pm: Stuck my head in a few GAME stores on the way home and all the ones that were there last week are gone! They’re disappearing fast! Will keep my eyes open and let you know if I find any.

Update 16/12/05: Pink bundles spotted in stock! Keep an eye on this post for more store and contact details as we find them.

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