The Average Gamer

Real gamers on TV?

I hope they tart them up a bit first.

Anyway, I hear Sky is showing something called “Evolution” which “offers young adults and kids a Gaming View from people like themselves, Real Gamers!… …we aim to show kids that it is no longer “geeky” to be seen staying in playing video games.” It’s on Sky channel 172, (Game Network) at 7am.

This looks godawful already. I really hope it’s not as patronising as it sounds although I’m not convinced that everyone involved really knows what’s going on. According to the badly-written and randomly-capitalised press release:

‘Wesley Lock a Gaming guru had this to say, “I’m excited to be a part of a gaming show which will hopefully become a popular feature in the gaming community” ‘

Not broadcast at 7am, my friend…

If anyone out there catches this show, is it any good? I’m not sure I can take more “Gaming is just for kids” stuff. And BTW, who the heck is gaming guru Wesley Lock?