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E3 2014 Conference Streams and Alternative Links

E3 2014 Header
E3 2014. It’s here. The glamorous, shiny, video games marketing infodump that every games fanatic dreams of attending and every games journalist dreads being assigned.

It’s loud. It’s brash. And it’s all online this year so I’m passing up the sunshine-drenched beaches of Los Angeles and reporting from the comfort of my home office. I bought Cheetos to add a whiff of American authenticity.

The conferences are starting at 5:30pm BST TONIGHT and will run through to 3:30am. They’re all streaming on the official channel or you can watch on the publishers websites. Most of the big video games media sites will be running their own streams with commentary as well. If the official site fails, check out those links at the bottom of this post.

And tomorrow evening:

If the official streams fail or the publisher’s sites are slow to load, here are a few alternative places to watch.

I’ll be writing up all the conferences, so if you’re the sensible type who prefers to catch up on the announcements in the morning, bookmark our E3 2014 page and check back for all the news tomorrow.