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Watch Dogs’ Silly Game Modes

Watch Dogs Augmented Reality NVZN
Ubisoft released a 9-minute Watch Dogs 101 trailer yesterday, which talks through the characters, the driving, the companion app and bunch of other stuff. Some of it looked a little spoilery so I skipped ahead to a section marked Game Changers. Oh my god, I need this game.

Aidan can whip out his phone and play NVZN, an augmented reality game in virtual Chicago. That’s so ridiculous, I have to try it. The Digital Trips option on his phone drops you into alternate modes where you can, for example, drive a souped-up vehicle powered by the souls of the dead, racing through a burning Chicago. What? There’s also something called Spider Tank Destruction which has you playing as a spider tank, fending off waves of police officers. A Spider. Tank.

Oh yeah, there’s also chess and poker mini games. Because I’m definitely going to play those when I could be a spider-tank.

Skip to 7:30 for the good stuff.

I’ve been saying for months that Watch Dogs looks interesting but I was worried that it would be just the same four mission types repeated over and over again. This changes everything.

Watch Dogs will be out on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from 27th May.