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Legend of Grimrock – A Tough New Dungeon

Legend Of Grimrock - ORRR2 - FloatingThere’s a free new dungeon available now for Legend of Grimrock. It’s called The One Room Round Robin 2 and it has been built by the Grimrock community.

Made up of 22 rooms, each one created by a different person, this dungeon is full of fiendish traps, puzzles and monsters. You target is to collect a special key from each of the rooms which opens the many doors on your path to freedom.

These keys also unlock hidden treasure rooms and a quick travel system around the dungeon so you have to balance gaining more loot against having to complete another room.

One of the most interesting features is the way the community has extended the Grimrock engine to do an awful lot more. There are monsters that you have conversations with rather than just beating them to death on sight. One of the rooms looks like an full blown village complete with starry sky, its own castle and giant dragon.

Elsewhere, the rules of the dungeon from the original game get flipped on their head in one mind-bending room as you walk though closed gates and across open pits. There’s even a text adventure that tests your knowledge of classic games like Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back.
Legend Of Grimrock - ORR2 - Dungeon Master
It’s tough place to survive so you should complete the original Grimrock game first. I’ve frequently found myself stuck in a room with no idea what to do. This was down to a mixture of my own stupidity in forgetting I have the right key/item in my backpack and not discovering a new mechanic, like the ability to hack away cracked walls to get to a new area. While this kind of puzzle solving can frequently be frustrating, this dungeon is worth the 8 – 15 hours the creators estimate it takes to explore.

The One Room Round Robin 2 is a fantastic piece of work from the Grimrock community. Don’t miss out on playing it. You can download the mod for free here.