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Evolve Reveals New Batch of Hunters

Evolve is a bloody amazing co-op experience from Turtle Rock Studio and they’ve now revealed four new characters for the game. I said in my hands-on Evolve preview that having a good trapper class is absolutely essential to taking down the monster. You can now choose between Griffin’s sound spikes and new trapper Maggie‘s pet Daisy who will follow tracks and attempt to cut off the monster’s escape.

Given that a fully-evolved Goliath is more than five times the height of a human and Daisy stands approximately waist-height, I’m not sure how that will work. Perhaps she’s more of an early-game monster.

Maggie can also lay down snares, which will hold the monster in place, giving you a chance to escape.

Lazarus is an aptly-named Scottish hunter medic, with the ability to resurrect dead teammates. He can go into stealth mode and sneak around, raising bodies that the monster has abandoned. Where Val is more about prevention, Lazarus can bring you back into the fray.

Another Scottish hunter, Hyde wields a flamethrower and a chaingun so if he gets up close, he’ll do a lot of damage to your monster. Don’t stay in confined spaces if he’s after you as his poison gas grenades can fill a cave and choke you.

Evolve - Dune BeetlesThe new support character is an English robot named Bucket. He fires a rocket launcher and can detach his head to fly around and tag the monster. He can also toss in drones to cause damage, so he’ll be far more aggressive to play than Hank’s defensive shield buff.

I have no idea where Maggie is supposed to be from. She sounds like she fell out of Baldur’s Gate into the drop zone and is making the best of it.

The video also shows off The Dam, a new map that has completely different hostile wildlife and plenty of tunnels to get lost in. As the monster, you’ll have fight off mega-mouths that will attack both you and the humans indiscriminately. You’ll also be competing for food with dune beetles. Best get big enough to eat them first.

Evolve will be out on 21st October for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC