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Remember Me Trailer: Kid Xmas

Remember Me Logo
The more I see of Capcom’s Remember Me, the more I want to play it. The new trailer focuses on character over gameplay and it looks great. A bit of platforming, a bit of fighting and a lot of sweeping shots that show off the San Michel district of the city.

This trailer introduces one of Nilin’s enemies, Kid Xmas. He runs a hacking channel called Channel Fear which broadcasts across Neo Paris. What’s a hacking channel? No idea but in a world where everybody outsources their memories to corporation, it can’t be anything good.

I know it’s all part of the game’s virtual reality theme and visual style but I do wish they’d tone down the glitching effect at the beginning and end. Or turn it up. Right now it’s a little too close to reality. Just makes me want to twiddle cables for a better signal.

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