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Pokémon X and Y: New 3DS Games Announced

Pokemon X Y Logo

Nintendo announced a new pair of games today, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the 3DS. Featuring a new storyline and plenty of new pokémon, this is sure to milk satisfy a legion of pokémon fans when it’s released worldwide in October 2013.

In the Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, Satoru Iwata discussed the origin of the paired games – Red and Blue on the Gameboy – and the history of the rare legendary pokémon that appear throughout the series. You can find his full presentation on YouTube.

As with the DS games, the game will feature the ability to battle other trainers around the world. Here’s the trailer with footage from the new game, adorably/nauseatingly* introduced by Pikachu.

*delete as appropriate.

Screenshots (of things you just saw in the trailer)

Pokémon X Y - Hero 3 Pokémon X Y - Hero Pokémon X Y - Heroine Pokémon X Y - Hero 2