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Microsoft Flight Will Be Free To Play

MSFlight_Logo Microsoft have announced that the latest release in the classic flight simulator series, Microsoft Flight will be available as a free to play download. Taking place in the skies over Hawaii, you will be able to fly a variety of aircraft on pre-set missions, challenges or to find hidden aero-caches. You will of course be able to purchase other aircraft and regions should you so wish.

Also given the tie in with Games for Windows LIVE account, Microsoft Flight is clearly trying to make aviation more accessible and popular. According to Joshua Howard, executive producer of Microsoft Flight

Aviation can be incredibly technical, but we’ve taken great care to build an experience that makes taking to the skies thrilling and accessible for everyone.

Recently I’ve used Flight Simulator X with SE England satellite terrain add-on to practice for my Private Pilots Licence (JAR PPL) exams. I needed that high level of authenticity that Flight Simulator series has always provided.

I just hope the Microsoft Flight team haven’t forgotten those of us who don’t care about aero-caches or missions and just want to fly aircraft in the most realistic way possible outside a real cockpit.

You can still sign up to the closed Microsoft Flight beta if you can’t wait until the spring for the full release.

Microsoft Flight is currently in closed beta and will be available later on in 2012.

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