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Chillingo December Showcase

I pottered along to a showcase in December to check out a range of new and upcoming iOS games from publisher Chillingo. These were the highlights.

Order Up!! To Go!

I love management games. I love cooking. Order-Up does a brilliant job of combining the food preparation of Cooking Mama with a restaurant management sim. Make sure you have enough inventory to provide what”s the on the menu. Seat your customers and take orders. And my favourite bit, pop into the kitchen and manage 4 simultaneous food prep stations to make each meal – chop, deep fry, saute and boil. Insanely difficult to multitask but oh so satisfying when you get a full meal for four out to the wait staff.

Order Up! should be out on iOS in January, or there are Wii and 3DS versions already available.

Spice Invaders

Tower Defence seems to be all the rage these days and despite the name, Spice Invaders is definitely one of this genre. The key point for this incarnation from On5 is the upgrade trees. Swoop down onto unsuspecting planets and protect your spice-mining bases from the defending populace. Set acid traps, shoot down flying attackers or build booster towers to strengthen your defences on the online casino open plains.

Spice Invaders should be out some time this quarter.

Home Sheep Home 2

This sequel to the previous game also features Shaun the Sheep and his friends Timmy and Shirley. Those of you who game with your children or who like a good problem will probably enjoy this game. The cutesy child-like art from Aardman Animations hides a fiendish puzzler. Thankfully, little of the challenge comes from precision and timing. These puzzles are more about doing actions in the right order and getting the correct solution.

Home Sheep Home 2 is out now for iOS 3.2 and above as well as playable online as a Flash version.

Diggin” Dogs

If you prefer your games to require less thinking and more action, Diggin” Dogs is a pleasingly simple game. Set your team of dogs off and they”ll start digging. Use the tilt controls on your iPhone to control their direction, picking up buried treasure, old boots and other things, in a sort of antithesis to Doodlejump. Good mindless entertainment for when you have 10 minutes to kill.

Diggin” Dogs should be available from the app store later this month.