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Squids – Coming to iPhone/iPod Touch

Squids_LogoSquids is the first game from new development studio The Game Bakers. It features a blend of turn-based strategy, cute graphics and simple touch screen controls. The aim of the game is to destroy the evil black ooze creatures that have invaded the squid’s underwater home. Using the squids innate stretchiness allows you to propel them around the level into positions to attack the enemy. Once you’ve exhausted all your turns the enemy then gets to attack you.

Each of your 5 squids have their own unique attacks, from your scout called Steev and his dash ability, to the mysterious Clint and his shoot ability. I wonder who they had in mind when designing this character?

I got to play the game last month at Gamescom 2011 and was captivated by the colourful and fun graphics. The HD version looked especially nice on the iPad. Gameplay varied from short, intense battles on a small map to much longer and more complex battles involving underwater currents, mines and other hazards. I just loved pinging my squids all around the levels, off walls and into enemies. Hours of fun.

Squids_Hordes Squids_Stomp

Squids will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch on the 13th Oct 2011 and coming to iPad (HD version), Android, PC, and Mac later in 2011.