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Minecraft – Update 1.5: Weather, Achievements And Stats

Minecraft_LogoHere’s a video showing off what’s going to be added to Minecraft as part of the 1.5 update. As you’ll see from the video there’s a whole host of weather effects coming. Minecraft is about to be hit by snow, rain and thunder storms.

You also get a sneak peek at the new achievements system and the myriad of stats that will be available for lots of geeky analysis.

The weather effects aren’t just for show either as the rain will help your crops grow and will put out any roaming fires (that you may or may not have started). The dev team are still working on adding a lightning bolt to complete the thunder effect. Update 1.5 is due to be released this week, so look out for it.

Update 20th April 2011: If you haven’t seen any weather in-game yet, be patient. Weather is not a common event. You can find some more facts about Minecraft weather in the Minecraft wiki.

The Minecraft beta is available now from the Minecraft website for PC with the full release coming out on the 11th Nov 2011.

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