The Average Gamer

Announcement: Events for Gamers

Ever gotten really enthusiastic about a games expo, only to find out that tickets sold out months ago? Or even worse, only found out about awesome live-action zombie games after they’re over?

Well, back here at Average Gamer central I’ve been very excited about a new project that we’ve put together. Don’t know about you but I hate having to check 20 different sites to see what’s going on in the gaming world. I’m now happy to announce a whole new feature on the site; Events for the Average Gamer (see what I did there? ;).

I want to get all the good events for gamers listed in one place, and I’m gonna need your help.

Should you hear of any fun games-like events, pop over to our events site and let us know. It’s really easy to submit info through the form, or you can just drop us an email. Make sure you include the official website/Facebook/contact details so I can verify things with the organisers.

We’re not just looking for video games stuff, though obviously I’ve included the Eurogamer Expo 2010 and Multiplay’s Insomnia 41. I’d also love to hear about public live action games like the Hide and Seek Weekender in July, tabletop meets like BoardGameCamp and anything else games-related that you can think of.

Sure, there are other sites out there that claim to do something similar but from my perspective, they’re too big! I don’t need to hear about something that costs $500 to get in. Well okay, I do if it’s gonna be AWESOME but I also want events for people like you and me – things like BAFTA’s Q&A with the developers of Enslaved next week for only £5.

Go check out Events for The Average Gamer. Pass it on to your friends. If you know anyone who works in games events, pass it on to them. Come back and tell me; will this be useful?

Update: Relaunched with our new games events calendar!