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Zombie Outbreak in Bristol!

Back in July I wrote about the Hide and Seek Weekender, a series of RL games being played in London. In two weekends’ time there’s another live action gaming event happening in Bristol, the Interesting Games Festival, or IGFEST. Let it not be said that we are yet another London-centric media outlet!

The highlight of the weekend has to 2.8 Hours Later. At 7pm Bristol will transform into a zombocalypse (hey, I got to use the word twice in one week!) and you’ll be challenged to survive, dodge gangs of roving zombies and save the city.

Rules of the game:

2.8 Hours Later is a type of chase game where players have to move from base to base across a wide area (ie a city centre) without being caught by a group of chasers. At each base the players collect proof they have been their (a stamp, mark or token) and the position of the next base in the sequence.

For 2.8 Hours Later specifically: Starting from a secret location all players will be sent off en masse on a journey across the city to more secret locations. In between locations there will be zombies chasing players. Being caught by a zombie does not necessarily mean you instantly become one of them but your objective is to stay alive and get to safety.

Tickets are £10 (or £8 for concessions) and available from Watershed

But for those of you who are… how can I put this delicately? Not the biggest fans of the Wii, Kinect or Move.. there are plenty of less active games as well. Coffin racing, Pleasure Hunt , slow bike races. Check out the full programme at and watch last year’s video below.

igfest 09 from Igfest on Vimeo.