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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue – Where To Find The Tablets?

Assassins Creed Rogue - Abstergo tablets
Much like Black Flag’s sticky notes, the Abstergo Entertainment section of Assassin’s Creed Rogue has collectibles littered all around the offices. These follow the same pattern as before – you’ll find some in open areas of the office, while others are locked away until you get security level clearance through completing story missions to reach new present day segments. Each tablet is labelled with a number. Here’s where to find them, including the security clearance required:

1. 2nd floor, on the ground by the elevator just after a woman speaks to Melanie Le May
2. 15th floor, server room sec level 2. (Sec 2)
3. 2nd floor, Berg’s office. (Sec 1)
4. 2nd floor, main office between 2 sets of beanbags. Near the giant Abstergo logo.
5. 2nd floor, sec level 2 office. (Sec 2)
6. 15th floor, Melanie Lemay’s balcony. (Sec 2)
7. 1st floor, behind the set of chairs to the left from the bridge. (Sec 1)
8. 2nd floor, employee cubicle next to giant abstergo logo. (Sec 1)
9. 1st floor, down the stairs, office on the right. (Sec 3)
10. 1st floor, on the bridge as you leave the elevator. (Sec 1)
11. Basement, behind the big server. (Sec 3)
12. 2nd floor, desk to the right in the meeting room/office leading to the server room.
13. 1st floor, just past the information desk to your right, on the ground. (Sec 1)
14. 2nd floor toilets, on the countertop.
15. 15th floor, behind the pot plant to the right, outside LeMay’s office door. (Sec 2)
16. 2nd floor, western office, ne corner cubicle. (Sec 3)
17. Basement corridor, under a red light (Sec 3)
18. 1st floor, by the left banister, top of the stairs. (Sec 1)
19. 2nd flr, eastern sec 3 office, first cubicle on your right. (Sec 3)
20. Basement, bunker cell 4. (Sec 3)

Thanks to GosuNoob for tablet 15 location.