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Super Smash Bros for 3DS Preview

Super Smash Bros 3DS Wii U Logo
Super Smash Bros is back. All of the Smashing! All of the Brothers!  And for the first time, owners of Nintendo’s 2DS and 3DS handhelds can get involved in the action. In a move that should please, well, EVERYONE, Nintendo have cleverly dished out demo codes to whet our appetites ahead of the full release on 3rd October. But what is it like?

The demo presents you with four playable characters and one stage to brawl on. Mario, of course has been a series main stay since the beginning, and is an easy go-to guy for novices and experts alike. His quick attacks are simple but effective, his traditional ‘uppercut’ attack being among the most lethal. Any series fan will be able to pick up Mario and be familiarised instantly.

Link, again a familiar character having also been on all previous instalments, is more varied, with both short and long range attacks, including trademark weapons from the adventure series (bombs, arrows). This makes him a great all rounder and perfect for the combo-stringers out there.

Super Smash Bros 3DS - BattlefieldNext up is Pikachu, whom again is another series regular. Pikachu’s speciality is powerful, long range attacks, usually of the shocking kind; electric bolts, lighting strikes and electric-charged, self-launching projectile attack.

And finally, a new character, Mega Man! A genius addition to the roster, the ‘Blue Bomber’ fits in as if he should have been there all along. His trademark laser arm cannon provides long range attacks, whilst also having the advantage of being both small and quick; perfect for evasive manoeuvres and quick attacks.

There is just the solitary stage to duke it out, and is a typical two lower/two higher ledge arena, allowing you to focus more on your choice of character without being bothered by surrounding obstacles. The action looks and runs fantastically well; the sprites are vibrant and the cel-shaded look gives them a unique feel. The control stick provides perfect control just as Nintendo’s parent console offerings did before that.

Overall, the demo is a great snippet for a game that is going to be a sure-fire seller. I would have preferred two new, two old characters to mix it up a little more, but as demos go, it does its job perfectly; I MUST HAVE THIS GAME.

The Super Smash Bros. for 3DS demo will be available for everyone to download from the Nintendo eShop from 19th September.

Super Smash Bros 3DS - MegaMan