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Sponsored Video: Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life - Feelings
Tomodachi Life, the wacky friend sim from Nintendo launched recently. Ever wondered if two of your friends would fall in love, if only they lived in the same country? Make Mii replicas of them and you could find out.

Of course, they may just spend their time digging futile holes in the beach or competing in rap battles. You’ll never know what your Miis get up to in the game.

You start out by customising your own Mii, choosing how outgoing, energetic, serious and expressive they’ll be. This will convert into a personality – whether or not your Mii is charming, outgoing or maybe even a little pushy.

Each Mii also has creepily synthesised voice, complete with accents. You can vary the pitch. speed, intonation and more to come up with a voice that sounds almost, but not quite, entirely unlike your own. It’s off-kilter in an amazing way, just like the game itself.

Once you’ve created a couple of Miis, it’s off to the island’s apartment building to customise your rooms and figure out what the heck your Miis actually like. For the most part, they do their own thing, meeting other Miis around the island and getting up to weird shenanigans. Your job is to keep them happy by giving them new clothes, food and more. Every time your Mii likes what you give them, you earn a little extra money.

Here’s a video that shows all the wonderfully strange things your Miis can do together.

Tomodachi Life is out now for Nintendo 3DS. This post has been sponsored by Nintendo. All thoughts are our own.