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7 Minutes of Far Cry 4 Gameplay

A gameplay walkthrough video of Far Cry 4 is now online, narrated by creative director Alex Hutchinson and narrative director Mark Thompson. Much like Far Cry 3, lead character Ajay Ghale is in fictional Kyrat on an innocent pretext before being caught up in an ongoing struggle. In this case, it’s a civil war.

You can be attacked from above by eagles now, and there’s plenty of animals to hunt and kill for upgrades. You’ll be able to throw bait to attract animals and watch creatures react to one another. For example, an eagle carried away a goat in the demo – this wasn’t a scripted event. It’s the sort of thing that happens when the eagle and goat encounter one another in the world.

Because it’s a mountainous region, Ajay carries a rope and grapple with him to climb up those steep cliffs and swing across gaps in the path. He’s a practical guy. Looks like it behaves much like Lara Croft’s grapple way back in Legends where you’re looking for set hotspots to climb.

Ajay also wields and autocrossbow, which seems like a rather suspicious thing to be carrying for a guy who’s apparently only in the country to scatter his mother’s ashes.

You can drive and shoot with one-handed weapons, leap between vehicles and do vehicle takedowns. The wing suit is available and is planned for quite early in the game.

You can also play online co-op and run around in the open world taking over fortresses and towers. The quests turn off when your friend joins so no spoiler worries here. The video shows an elephant charging into a jeep. Apparently you’ll be able to ride the elephant as that happens.

Because charging headlong into an exploding jeep with no protection is a brilliant idea, right?

Far Cry 4 - Tuk-Tuk

Far Cry 4 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in November 2014.