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E3 2014: The Sims 4 Story Trailer

Speaking at the EA press conference, Rachel Franklin, Executive Producer on The Sims 4 told us about how the sims of the new game are more emotional.

“The traits and aspirations that you choose influence their emotions, how they behave and how they respond to other sims.”

“The Sims 4 features lively, vibrant neighboorhoods. Rich communities where anything can happen. This is a deep simulation where every sim has their own story. They’re all colliding, connecting and influencing each other’s emotions.”

I really don’t see how this is different to The Sims 3. I guess maybe the emotions are more influential than they were before? Whatever the reason, you can scare people to death now. I still want to know if you can make them woo-hoo in a shop’s changing room.

Here’s the story trailer: