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E3 2014: Microsoft Xbox Conference Summary

Xbox Conference E3 2014 Screens

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer opened Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference by promising to dedicate the entire briefing to games. Here’s what we saw:

(I am assuming all the trailers will turn up on YouTube during the day. I will embed them when they do)


  • All the add-on content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be released on Xbox first.
  • There was a gameplay demo. Swarms of flying robots spiralled around in the sky, attacking Our Heroes. An equipment malfunction slammed a door, trapping a fellow soldier’s just before he detonated a grenade in an enemy quadcopter. It was emotional. It meant nothing to me.
  • The beta and DLC for Evolve are coming to Xbox first.
  • They teased a new monster for Evolve.
  • New Game Announcement: Crackdown, Xbox One Exclusive. It’s about as far from grey as you can possibly get. Looks pretty.

New Game (sort of): Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • It’s is coming to Xbox One on 11th November and includes all the previous Halo games. All four games with everything unlocked on one disc – over 100 maps.
  • It’s 1080p, 60FPS, and comes with 4000 gamerscore.
  • You can create custom playlists that take options from any of the four games.
  • Halo 2 Anniversary will include the original Halo 2 multiplayer exactly as it was 10 years ago and you can flip between original and new graphics at the touch of a button
  • You get the Halo 5 Guardians Beta
  • Also includes Halo Nightfall
  • They showed a game demo for The Division. It was grey. People shot other people.


  • The Nürburgring will be in Forza 5.
  • Forza Horizon 2 is coming 30th September. Open world drivatars. over 200 cars. 1000-player car clubs.


  • In Assassin’s Creed: Unity you can form your own brotherhood and join up to 3 friends on Xbox Live.

Swords and Sorcery

  • There was a fancy Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer.
  • Fable Legends will have a multiplayer beta coming somewhere around Christmas. Play co=op with a team of four against a player-controlled villain.
  • New game: Ori and the Blind Forest
  • CD Projekt RED showed a demo of The Witcher 3. It still looks nice. It’s still open world. You’re still Geralt.
  • New Game Announcement: Hideki Kamiya announced Scalebound from Platinum Games. Carry a big sword. Fight huge monsters. Ride a dragon.


  • New Game: Dance Central Spotlight is a digital-only Xbox One dance game from Harmonix. New songs will be added frequently.


  • A Sunset Overdrive trailer explained the premise of the world. A canned soft drink has turned everyone into mutants. There is co-op It’s coming on 28th September.
  • Capcom are releasing some kind of crazy DLC for Dead Rising 3. Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hper Edition Ex Plus Alpha.  According to the Capcom UK twitter feed, you’ll be able to play and cosplay as your favourite Capcom Heroes.


  • PlayDead, creators of Limbo, are making new spooky platformer featuring a young boy who runs from scary things. He has clothes this time. It’s called Inside.
  • New Tomb Raider game called Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • A Phantom Dust remake is coming to Xbox One