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New Lemming Type in This Touch Footage

Lemmings Touch - Customisation
We first had a look at Lemmings Touch back in August, where executive producer James Hawkins showed off the PS Vita gameplay and teased the new lemming type with a single picture.

Now XDEV producer Mark O’Connor has shown us this mischievous new lemming type in action. In the video below you’ll find them popping out of the spawner in the midst of the good lemmings and your job is to ruthlessly crush them before they can destroy the exit. Seriously. Kill the buggers dead. No mercy or you’ll lose everyone.

O’Connor also talked us through the customisation options that you can buy for the friendly lemmings with in-game currency. You’ll be able to change their hair, add silly noses and replace the pickaxe with, e.g. an electric guitar.