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Nintendo Letter Box Scrapped

While Ubisoft’s Uplay Passport scheme was a terrible idea that deserved to be scrapped, Nintendo have today killed off one of their best 3DS services.

The Nintendo Letter Box allowed 3DS owners to send hand-drawn messages to each other. It was silly and fun but apparently being abused by unscrupulous users.

Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on internet bulletin boards and then using Nintendo Letter Box to exchange offensive material. Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop this service because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.

Nintendo always wants to provide a positive experience for all consumers and limit the risk of any inappropriate activity or misuse of a service. We feel it is important on this occasion to take this action.

The service was stopped with no notice at 2am UK time this morning. We can no longer send message to each other, but even Nintendo will no longer be sending out their amazing drawings. A tragic case of a few assholes ruining everyone’s fun.

The full announcement is over on Nintendo’s website.