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Contrast Trailer: Soulful Music from the Shadows

Contrast Logo
Contrast is an absolutely beautiful adventure game coming from Montreal-based studio Compulsion Games. In it, you play as Dawn, the invisible companion of a young girl, Didi. Set in a noir-like environment, the only person who really exists for you is Didi.

Didi’s family are performers, so you’ll be walking through plenty of fairgrounds, acrobatics, live music and cabaret. Nobody in her world can see you and conversely, you only see the shadows they cast.

You can hear them though, and their shadows play a huge part in your story. As Dawn, you can slip in and out of shadows, using them as platforms and flipping back to real world to walk through the light.

This week, Compulsion Games and publishers Focus Home Interactive have released a trailer showing off the sultry music of the game. Jazz singer Laura Ellis from Kansas City provides the vocals for the soundtrack and this trailer covers the mood and action of Contrast.

Contrast will be out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 from 15th November with a further release on PS4 later.


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