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Nintendo Declares National StreetPass Day

Nintendo has announced that Saturday, 28th September is National StreetPass Day in the UK. They’ll be holding events in Manchester Piccadilly Station and London’s Waterloo station, giving away prizes and holding meet and greets with characters. From the press release:

Real life StreetPass games

If you love StreetPass games, you’ll be delighted when Nintendo bring StreetPass games to life with real Puzzle Swap panels. Using artwork from recent Nintendo games, fans will be able to add their own puzzle pieces to a series of large Puzzle Swap panels at each event, simply by playing Nintendo 3DS games.


To win prizes such as exclusive StreetPass bags – you can take part in competitions in Mario Kart 7 and Luigis Mansion 2 or a challenge to find the person with the most Mii characters in their StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Luigi and Pokémon meet and greet

Love Luigi? A Luigi costume character will be available at the London Waterloo Station, location for meet and greet as well as photograph opportunities. Or maybe you are more of a Pokémon fan? Oshawott, Tepig & Snivy will be at the Manchester Piccadilly StreetPass event.

If you’re at the Eurogamer Expo on Saturday, Nintendo will have a StreetPass Day stand. Show your entry wristband to pick up a free Mario hat.

Attendees at the Cycle Show in NEC Birmingham will be able to compete in Mario Kart 7 multiplayer races and try out 3DS demos.