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G230 Logitech Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G230 Gaming Headset
The Logitech G230 is a pretty decent over-the-ear headset. It comes in snazzy black with vermillion edging (that’s the shade red that some people will claim is orange, but they are wrong) and a ridiculously long cord (2.33m/7.65ft) that will tangle itself around all the crap you know should clean off your desk but haven’t. The cord is braided, so it’s pretty easy to extricate your pens and there is a velcro tie to keep the extra length in check.

You get two separate 3.5mm plugs for speaker and mic, so you can use the rear jacks on your PC, even on the biggest desks. In fact, if you’re building a living room PC, you’ll quite comfortably be able to reach the sofa. There’s also a volume control and microphone mute switch on the cord, essential for streaming or voice chat. It can clip to your shirt but if you let it hang loose, you probably won’t notice the extra weight.

The cups are large enough to fit around even my awkwardly-sized ears and the cloth padding on each earpiece does a good job of blocking out background noise. It’s also removable for easy cleaning. You can also rotate the earpieces 90 degrees when resting the headset around your neck, though given the awkwardly long cord, I can’t imagine any good reason why you’d be walking around with this headset on. Handy for packing in a suitcase though.

Voice pick-up is clear, with no background hiss. As with most headsets, you’ll pick up a bit of background noise but teammates or stream viewers will be able to understand you without any problems. The flat microphone bar rotates up to rest against the left earpiece when you’re not using it and has a bendy rubber segment to move it closer or farther from your mouth. No annoying breath noises from you.

I’ve been using a set while doing our Saints Row IV review and the sound quality is great. They provide a wonderful booming bass, while the trebles and voice are crisp. The only weak point I can find is the headband. Using cloth padding against your hair is a great decision and doesn’t catch your hair (unlike the MadCatz Trittons). However, the pressure from the padding does give me a headache after a while.

As a budget headset, the G230s don’t come with any bells and whistles, but they’re perfect for everyday computer and gaming use. Definitely worth checking out.

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Technical specs:
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Adjustable Headband: Yes
Headband Padding: Fixed
Earcup Padding: Interchangeable
Inline Audio Controls: Volume control, Microphone mute
Earcup Audio Controls: None
Cable Length: 7.65 feet or 2.33 meters
Cable Management: On cable tie

Microphone Specs:
Microphone Type: Rotating boom
Connection Type: 3.5 mm
Noise Canceling Hardware: Noise cancelling
Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 20 kHz