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Distinctly Average 5: Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, Microsoft, PlayStation 4 and more from E3

Distinctly Average 5 - Colin
It’s another exceedingly well-named Distinctly Average video! The whole video team is united for the first time, despite being scattered around different parts of Europe. Thanks to the wonders of Google Hangout, we have video all the way through this time.

We tackle the Xbone U-turn – what impact has the removal of always-online had on us? We also chat about the new PlayStation 4 UI video that came out earlier this week.

Colin and Nick discuss Mario Kart 8 from E3 and take a look at Saints Row IV. Debbie and Sean talk about Remember Me and Sean tells us all about the game that everyone’s talking about this week – Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Finally, Colin gives us his impressions of The Last of Us. Check it out.