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5 Things We Learned from the PS4 Console Teaser

It’s a new PS4 teaser trailer! And it shows what the PlayStation 4 console will actually look like! Sort of.

As with all good teasers everywhere, it shows glimpses of what you want but nothing that actually answers any of your questions. Well, maybe a few. The video really isn’t worth 30 seconds of your time but since you’ll want to watch it anyway, here it is:

And also because I know you’ll want it, I’ve taken a few screengrabs of the fast, flashy bit at the end. Most of the brief shots were actually of the PS4’s controller, and the definitely-not-a-Kinect camera which we’ve seen before. Some of them can’t be easily identified, so I will now use them to make declarative statements about the shape of the machine.

1. It will be square-ish

From at least one angle, if you squint your eyes, the PlayStation 4’s body will look like a square. Assuming this is, in fact, the PS4’s body and not the box it comes in.

PlayStation 4 - Squareish

2. It will be blocky

Look at those hard lines and sharply defined edges. Ooooh yeah, baby.

PlayStation 4 - Blocky

3. It will be pokey

Check out those pokey corners. Are they on the front? On the back? Who can say? Only Sony can show us the truth.

PlayStation 4 - Pokey

4. It will be angular

See those raised edges? Angles everywhere. This is not your granddad’s sleek, curved PlayStation 3 of yore.

PlayStation 4 - Angles

5. It will have a 4 on it

Of this, there was never any doubt.

PlayStation 4 - Fourey

So, gamers. Now that you’ve had these insightful glimpses into the shape of the new PlayStation 4 console, do you feel you can confidently coordinate your living room this winter?


Duncan sent me a shot from the 11-second mark in the vid. What the hell is this? Where are all the angles?

PlayStation 4 - Curves