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Get The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Double Fine Humble Bundle
For the next 13 hours days, you could get every one of DoubleFine Studios’ games to date on PC, Mac and/or Linux in the latest Humble Bundle. Pay what you want and donate to charity while you’re at it.

All buyers will get Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking, as well as the Psychonauts soundtrack. Pay over the average price (currently $7.90) and you’ll also get Brütal Legend and its soundtrack. Bump your payment up to $35 and you get a digital copy of Broken Age, formerly known as Double Fine Adventure and also the reason why everyone and their game-developing dog is on Kickstarter these days.

You’ll even get access to all the bonus content produced for the Kickstarter backers. Aren’t you curious as to what started the videogame crowdfunding “revolution”?

Double that price to $70 and you’ll nab yourself a limited edition Double Fine T-shirt. Here’s Double Fine’s founder, CEO and game-designing genius Tim Schafer to tell you all about the games on offer.

Go get your bundle, before it runs out.