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New Magrunner Trailer Shows off Story

Magrunne - Post-Rising
Today’s new trailer for Magrunner shows off the game’s backstory and puzzle-solving gameplay. You play one of seven elite competitors, sponsored by a technology company to showcase their magnet-like technology in a series of physical and mental challenges. Well, mostly mental, since you’re a game character with that requisite superhuman stamina and all.

In the video, you’ll see plenty of applications for the Magtech glove, which uses similar controls to a Portal gun but actually doesn’t behave like one at all. Click the left button/trigger to charge an item with one “polarity” and right for the other. Charge two things with the same power and they’ll be drawn to each other, or opposing powers to repel.

You can use this to open doors, move platforms or fire blocks with a great enough force to damage anything in their way. Pretty handy for when Cthulu rises and His minions try to eat you.

I use quotes around “polarity” because I notice that they still haven’t fixed their use of magnetism, as I noted in my last preview. Tsk, tsk, 3am Games. If you’re going in invoke real-world physics in your game then at least teach the kiddies some accurate science. Like poles repel. Opposites attract. That’s how magnets work.

Magrunner will be coming to PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.