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GRID 2 LiveRoutes and Vesaro at Gaming Den

GRID 2 - LiveRoutes
GRID 2’s LiveRoutes mode builds your track on the fly. There no mini-map, and each lap will be different, forcing you to rely on quick reactions and the ability to read the road ahead of you (or the arrow in the HUD). Here’s the gameplay video released yesterday:

So how does that work? Well, in normal modes, each city has 6 tracks. When you load up a LiveRoutes race, GRID 2 generates the first lap from a combination of these tracks and dumps it into everyone’s machine. From then on, as the race leader approaches a junction, the game picks one and sends the rest of you winging it down after them. No more shame of being lapped by the race leader (not that that ever happens to an expert racer like you, right?)

Vesaro SimulatorYou can try this mode out for yourself if you’re near London, because we’ll have it available at The Gaming Den, this Saturday 4th May. Yup, we’ll be showing off the LiveRoutes mode as well as split-screen, traditional race modes.

In probably the most exciting announcement, we’ll also have the Vesaro full-motion simulator available. Look at her. Isn’t she a beauty? You’ll be competing in the Vesaro to set the fastest power lap on the Red Bull ring and win swag, plus a signed copy of the game when it comes out.

Hope you know what you’re doing.